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mental health counseling 
with authenticity + curiosity


Does this sound like you?

You ruminate over the little things, can't seem to turn it off, and struggle to fall asleep easily at night due to overthinking.

You feel anxious a lot of the time but can't seem to make sense of it other than feeling like something is wrong with you.

You are hard on yourself and fall into a pattern of negative self-talk.

When you feel triggered you end up spiraling which can take hours to days to recover from.

You often struggle to communicate or know what to communicate when interacting with others.

When you experience conflict you can go totally numb or dissociate.

You feel this sense of waiting for the other shoe to always drop.

You have the tendency to always put others first or people please.

You find that you often feel like you are who everyone else needs you to be - not who you want to be.

You have no idea who you really are.


A mental health counselor +

dog lover + enneagram 9 +

CrossFitter + introvert who

loves alien movies, iced americanos, and cheetahs.

And I'm here to help you make sense of this all. I do this by showing up as a human first - authentically as I can be and working through a trauma-informed lens. The truth is that I've been in your shoes, trying to find the right therapist and it is a really hard step to take. The therapy industry is overcomplicated and confusing - and I do my best to try to demystify that for you.


I want to meet you where you are at on this journey and ensure you feel safe and comfortable doing this work together. 

Hi, i'm Courtney

I'm not your average counselor,

Have you sat in sessions of traditional talk therapy feeling like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? Were you offered quick fixes and coping skills that felt like they didn't sustain you over the longer term?


My approach differs in that it integrates holistically with the body to find deeper root cause awareness as to what is going on for you. How do I know this? I have a bachelor's degree in kinesiology and have been studying the body as a coach for years. Paired with my master's in mental health counseling I have learned how trauma and just life in general impacts your body. I can teach you how to translate what it is trying to tell you and show you how to communicate back with it.

In turn that empowers you to understand yourself on a whole other level.

I help give you the language to explain what it feels like to be you.

let me show you how to build that cohesion 

If you are feeling emotionally exhausted, wanting to set boundaries but don't know where to start, looking to know yourself better + beat self-doubt and gain confidence?

you're in the right place

How you'll feel

Previous clients have reported feeling:

  • Like "a weight has been lifted"

  • More empowered in their life

  • Greater authenticity in their expressions

  • Feeling safer in their body

  • Stronger ability to sit and be present

  • More access to joy/positive sensations

  • Feeling more "enriched"

  • More confident overall

  • Able to regulate their emotions better

  • Like they make way more sense

  • Greater understanding of their experiences

  • Some have found less need for mental health related medications (with proper medical supervision)


in other words, how do I know this will work for me?


It's a fair question!

Counselors work with all different types of theories and practice differently

so how are you supposed to know working with me will actually help you?

The clients I've worked with who have found success had a few similar things in common, including:

  • Feeling ready to take accountability and ownership of their life

  • Wanting to have honest, transparent conversations about what they are thinking

  • Willingness to start to peel back the layers of their lived experiences

  • Being invested in wanting to makes changes or doing "the work"

  • Wanting to break generational trauma to make a different life for future generations

  • Having the ability to lean into the process - even if it feels uncomfortable at times

How do I know I'm ready to start?

Woman on Her Smart Phone

I feel ready, where do I begin?

Steps to Start


Schedule your totally free 15-minute consultation call with me to discuss your situation and get a sense of how I can help you.


If we mutually agree that the fit feels right we'll figure out the best time to schedule a 60 minute intake session.


During the intake session, we comprehensively cover your background and history (always to your comfort level).


If it still feels like the right fit, we'll schedule out a few more sessions from there and get started addressing what you'd like help with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost per session? Every client works through an initial intake session which is billed at $225. After that, each session is $165. Clients are welcome to self-pay and I also can take a few different insurances including Kaiser, Premera, and Aetna.

What types of insurance do you take? I currently am accepting clients with Premera, Aetna, and Kaiser Insurances.

What is your current availability? My current hours are as follows: Tuesday 1 - 4 pm Wednesday 9 am - 4 pm Thursday 9 am - 4 pm Friday 9 am - 1 pm Appointments often adjust and change per week so let me know if there is a time that works best for you.

How frequently do you recommend sessions? I recommend starting out with weekly sessions for at least the first 4 weeks - then we can move to whatever cadence feels best for you.

Are you only seeing clients online? I currently am only offering online appointments through telehealth.

What if I change my mind and don't want to continue? You can always change your mind! There is no contract that I hold you to, book sessions as needed.

Get my most recommended resources
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As a counselor, I often reference a list of all my favorite books, videos, and media that I recommend to clients. I've compiled them all into this powerful PDF that you can download and have some of the most educational tools that I share at your fingertips!

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